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The Daily Prep List: 12.16.21


Redistricting challenge rejected + Voters support fast food wage bill + $$$ for Lara’s reelection

The Sacramento Bee 12/16

The California Supreme Court on Wednesday denied a petition from a prominent Republican attorney and five voters who alleged that the state’s political redistricting commission worked with partisan advisers and held meetings behind closed doors.

New California rules end distinction for vaccinated workers

Associated Press 12/16

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Workplace regulators are poised on Thursday to extend California’s coronavirus pandemic regulations into next year with some revisions that business groups say could worsen the labor shortage.

Food Industry Policy

Business Groups Sue Over California Law They Say Could Keep Pork Off Plates

New York Times 12/15

Restaurants, grocery stores and industry groups in California are suing the state to block a farm animal welfare law set to go into effect on New Year’s Day that they say will destabilize the multibillion-dollar “national pork supply chain.”

Clash of the kitchens: California leads the way in a new climate battleground

Los Angeles Times 12/16

BERKELEY — The most luxurious gas stoves and ovens a home chef could desire fill the cavernous Snyder Diamond showroom in Van Nuys, but the cooking appliance the owner seems most excited about doesn’t use gas at all — or look like an appliance.

On the Side

Southern California city to end street dining program

Associated Press 12/15

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (AP) — The Southern California city of Manhattan Beach is ending the pandemic-driven program that allowed restaurants to erect outdoor dining decks on streets.

California opens up commercial Dungeness crab fishing in San Francisco in time for New Year’s Eve

San Francisco Chronicle 12/15

Bay Area seafood lovers can look forward to getting out their crab crackers for New Year’s Eve, now that the state announced it will allow local commercial Dungeness crab fishing to begin right before the holiday.

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