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The Daily Prep List: 12.08.21


California fast-food workers say they face a ‘crisis of violence’ at their job. Here’s why

Sacramento Bee 12/7

Kcharlee Hughes couldn’t get out of the way when a man running from an alleged gunman barged into the McDonald’s restaurant where she works last summer and tried to hide in the kitchen.

An $18 minimum wage? California entrepreneur kicks off initiative to raise workers’ pay

Sacramento Bee 12/7

California’s minimum wage could rise to $18 an hour by as soon as 2025 under a ballot measure proposed by Los Angeles anti-poverty activist and entrepreneur Joe Sanberg.

Food Industry Policy

San Diego plan to ban new drive-thru restaurants near transit faces opposition

San Diego Union-Tribune 12/8

SAN DIEGO — A city proposal to ban new drive-thru restaurants near mass transit in San Diego is facing strong opposition from the restaurant industry and some community leaders.

How Richard Gomez’s tamale cart design will change sidewalk vending in L.A.

Los Angeles Times 12/7

Take one part classic car. Add a heavy scoop of midcentury ice cream cart. Paint in candy shades.

On the Side

These are the best restaurants in L.A. (101 Best)

Los Angeles Times 12/7

After nearly two brutal years fighting for its survival, the soul of Los Angeles dining remains resilient.

Helping Indigenous restaurant workers in the languages they speak

Los Angeles Times 12/7

Gustavo Molina, an undocumented, longtime cook in the Beverly Hills area, was at home in March 2020 when he got a call letting him know that he would no longer be needed at work due to the pandemic shutdown.

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