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The Daily Prep List: 12.07.21


Here’s why labor unions are winning again

CalMatters 12/7

Most Californians understand that the economy is not working for them.

Should California have a $18 minimum wage? Voters may get to decide

Los Angeles Times 12/6

California voters could get to decide whether the state minimum wage goes up to $18 an hour, at a time when rising prices and living costs are eating into workers’ household incomes.

Food Industry Policy

S.F. made parklets permanent — but added so many rules that many restaurants plan to tear them down

San Francisco Chronicle 12/6

Chelsea Hung spent $5,000 on the parklet to help save her family’s 25-year-old restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown, getting the necessary permits and rejoicing when the city announced that the popular Shared Spaces program would continue.

Are the Bay Area’s car-free downtown streets, expanded outdoor dining here to stay?

The Mercury News 12/6

After becoming accustomed to popular downtown streets being blocked off to allow restaurants and other retailers to expand their operations outdoors, cities across the Bay Area are now making some difficult decisions over where to go from here.

On the Side

Here are 22 new laws Californians must start following in 2022

San Francisco Chronicle 12/6

Even as state lawmakers scaled back their agendas to accommodate another session upended by the coronavirus pandemic, the California Legislature passed hundreds of bills, big and small, this year.

Bagel Drama Boils Over in Northeast L.A. Over Alleged Misquote About What Makes An ‘Authentic’ Bagel

L.A. Taco 12/6

Bagel-induced invective is up 94% this year in Los Angeles, and December isn’t even over yet.

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