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The Daily Prep List: 12.04.20


Raising the minimum wage is a winning issue

Sonoma Valley Sun 12/3

As President-elect Biden inherits a nation ravaged by the coronavirus, it’s imperative that he keeps the promise he made during the campaign to put his full support behind the widely popular policy of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour during his first 100 days of office.

L.A. street vendors are caught between COVID and the law

Salon 12/2

Street vendors are stuck between a complex permit system and the penalties that come to those without a license.

Food Industry Policy

Cuomo Approves Ban on PFAS in Food Packaging

Spectrum News 12/3

PFAS chemicals have been found in food packaging as well as in food containers used for takeout orders at restaurants. 

California restaurants hit with destructive restrictions

The Press-Enterprise 12/3

According to new data from Los Angeles County’s own Department of Public Health, COVID-19 cases traced back to the county’s restaurants and bars accounted for just 3.1 percent, or 70 of the total 2,257 confirmed cases found from 204 “outbreak” locations.

On the Side

A Restaurateur Sees Vegan Food as Key to Post-Covid Success

Bloomberg 12/3

As the restaurant death toll soars across the U.S.— nearly one in six U.S. restaurants have closed since the start of the pandemic— Matthew Kenney sees opportunity to grow.

This San Francisco Chef Is Serving a ‘Glamping’ Menu From a VW Van

Eater SF 12/3

Chef Anthony Strong permanently closed his popular Mission District restaurant Prairie in August, sweeping out the grills, swearing off the traditional restaurant model, and saying that he was going to go camping for a while. Now the inventive chef has emerged from the woods with another wild idea, and is roaming the city, and serving a “glamping” menu from a Volkswagen van he’s kitted out with lawn chairs and a grill. It’s not a food truck, and it’s not a pop-up — he says it’s private dining, parked in your driveway.

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