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The Daily Prep List: 11.30.21


Understanding the Inflationary Impact of Supply Chain and Labor

FSR Magazine 11/30

The restaurant industry is still facing its fair share of pandemic-related challenges.

If American workers want to secure the gains made by the Great Resignation and make sure the economy works for all of us, then we’ll need more unions

Business Insider 11/29

Tens of thousands of workers are going on strike and bargaining for contracts that ensure they are respected, protected, and paid a living wage.

Food Industry Policy

LA begins enforcing strict mandate requiring proof of vax

Associated Press 11/30

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Enforcement began Monday in Los Angeles for one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country, a sweeping measure that requires proof of shots for everyone entering a wide variety of businesses from restaurants to theaters and gyms to nail and hair salons.

Enforcement begins today for L.A.’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements

Los Angeles 11/29

After a multi-week ramp-up, Los Angeles will now enforce its mandate that patrons prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of entering a host of indoor businesses.

On the Side

As costs rise, Bay Area restaurants weigh an unpopular step: raising menu prices

San Francisco Chronicle 11/29

Your favorite sandwich might cost $1 more than it did a few weeks ago.

Digital Disruption Knocking on the Door for Restaurants

QSR Magazine 11/29

With COVID-19 placing a spotlight on the need for restaurants to adapt to a changing landscape, just how owners, operators, and companies should approach this challenge remains up for debate.

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