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The Daily Prep List 11.27.2023


California’s War on Fast Food Jobs

Reason 11/24

Higher prices created by a $20 minimum wage for burger joints will lead to fewer customers, reduced profits, fewer restaurants, and a loss of jobs.

The chiefs of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and National Restaurant Association (NRA) defined current dealings with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as a “multi-fronted war.”

Franchise Magazine 11/26

Government action at the state and federal level supported by labor unions has made the past several months an urgent time for restaurant industry associations.

Food Industry Policy

After street vendor’s 2021 murder, Fresno pledged a commercial kitchen. Where’s the money?

The Fresno Bee 11/26

After street vendor Lorenzo Perez was killed execution-style in southeast Fresno in 2021, city representatives promised to do more for street vendors. One of the pledges was $5 million for a downtown commercial kitchen where vendors could prepare food, comply with food regulations and grow their businesses.

San Jose spent big bucks on COVID parklets – but some businesses can’t afford to make them permanent

The Mercury News 11/23

One café owner found a permanent parklet would cost him $50,000.

On the Side

‘It gets scary:’ Neighbors say these Bay Area ghost kitchens are out of control

The San Francisco Chronicle 11/27

Lunchtime is chaotic on Charter Oak Avenue, a small cul-de-sac in San Francisco’s Apparel City neighborhood. Every parking spot on the block is taken, and a handful of drivers are double-parked or stopped in front of businesses’ driveways. Others simply idle in the middle of the road. Most are visiting the same building: a ghost kitchen run by Cloud Kitchens.

Fast food isn’t cheap anymore

Business Insider 11/27

Inflation may be slowing, but when it comes to skyrocketing fast-food prices, the damage is done — and there’s no turning back.

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