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The Daily Prep List: 11.19.20


COVID-19 Accelerates an Age of Automation for Restaurants

QSR Magazine 11/18

The image of a robot waiter handing food to restaurant patrons may seem like a far-off concept, belonging to the worlds of flying cars, time travel, and “The Jetsons.” But maybe the industry is more ready for the future than people think.

Five Things That Can Make Or Break A Restaurant Today

Forbes 11/17

As we all continue to situate ourselves and our businesses within the new normal, we’re still learning new ways to adapt and succeed. From my 10 years in the restaurant industry building my own international dessert chain, I know that change is inevitable, and it’s how you handle these changes that dictates your success.

Food Industry Policy

Association CEO: Restaurants ‘Convenient Scapegoat’ for Shutdowns

QSR Magazine 11/18

The Association Tuesday sent a letter to the National Governors Association circling the point—that there’s no scientific evidence linking restaurants to case surges—and to urge officials to consider policies and regulations that will enable the industry to safely serve communities for the duration of the crisis.

New California Mask Order Requires Diners to Wear Face Coverings When Servers Approach

Eater SF 11/17

As coronavirus case numbers skyrocket in California, officials have announced a new, more restrictive face covering policy for everyone in the state. As part of the regulations, Californians must don a face covering any time they are within six feet of someone who’s not a member of their household, even when dining out.

How safe are those outdoor dining igloos and tents when it comes to COVID-19 transmission?

ABC7 11/14

Good Morning America investigated how safe you are when dining — even in an outdoor space — and how the type of structure you choose to dine in could impact your level of exposure.

On the Side

Newsom’s French Laundry dinner sparks questions about ‘outdoor dining’ definition


Does a fancy open garage count as an outdoor dining venue? That’s the question prompted by pictures that emerged this week of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s dinner with friends and lobbyists at the posh French Laundry in Yountville.

California restaurant owners plan to sue the state over permit fees

San Francisco Chronicle 11/17

A San Francisco restaurant owner just filed a claim against the city, seeking refunds for permits, licenses and other annual fees. He’s one of six restaurant owners statewide who have filed similar claims — and if government officials don’t respond, they plan to file class-action lawsuits on behalf of all California restaurants for more than $100 million.

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