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The Daily Prep List: 11.16.20


Experts, Owners Question California Business Shutdown Policy

KPBS 11/15

California’s coronavirus cases are surging and health officials say social gatherings and people not wearing masks or keeping their distance are fueling the rise. Yet it’s businesses that are paying the price in the form of revenue-sapping restrictions. Business owners say that’s not fair and some medical experts say they have a point.

The Passage Of Prop 22 And Future Aftershocks To Come From It

JD Supra 11/12

On November 3, 2020, California voters passed Proposition 22, an exemption from AB5 for app-based drivers and couriers who use personal vehicles/transportation to provide on-demand services. As detailed in previous posts, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB5 into law in September 2019. Essentially, Proposition 22 filled a void caused by legislative inaction, and created a hybrid model between contractors and employees; essentially a “contractor-plus limited benefits” model.

Op-ed: California Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Food Delivery Workers Nationwide

Civil Eats 11/12

Lavishly funded by delivery and ride app companies, Prop. 22 allows food delivery companies to avoid paying employee benefits and protections—and similar rules could soon be rolling out in other states.

Food Industry Policy

Going Beyond Brick and Mortar During the Pandemic

QSR Magazine 11/12

The value of diversifying service channels beyond the standard brick-and-mortar operation has never been more critical to success. And franchised brands have started to adapt to this new reality by offering franchisees the ability to diversify their portfolios in a way that anticipates future trends.

National Restaurant Association Finds Flaws With Stanford Study On Restaurants As ‘Superspreader’ Sites

Restaurant Business Online 11/12

A Stanford University study released this week calling restaurants potential “superspreader” sites is deeply flawed, the National Restaurant Association said in a strongly worded statement Thursday.

No event has compared to running a restaurant amid the pandemic, SF restaurateurs, chefs say

SF Gate 11/12

“Nothing compares to this. It’s not comparable to the dot-com bust and it is not comparable to the huge financial crisis of 2008 … [It] is unparalleled to any other kind of catastrophe that you can mitigate or survive from,” Gayle Pirie, chef-owner of Foreign Cinema, said as she looks back to the last eight months.

On the Side

When virus assistance program ends, there’s a good chance this Pasadena restaurant will too

Los Angeles Times 11/12

After barely hanging in for months amid a multitude of pandemic-related challenges thrown at restaurants, the husband-and-wife team behind Hope Cafe & Catering in Old Town Pasadena might throw in the towel.

Chick-fil-A adds online ordering after testing in summer

Nation’s Restaurant News 11/12

When it comes to mobile technology, Chick-fil-A has been an industry leader along with other brands such as Starbucks, Wingstop, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Dunkin’.

San Francisco Re-Shuts Dining Rooms, Furthering A Nationwide Rollback For Restaurants

Restaurant Business Online 11/11

Restaurants in San Francisco will be required to re-shut their dining rooms as of 11:59 Friday night in another instance of a government reinstating service restrictions to slow the nation’s lightspeed spread of coronavirus.

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