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The Daily Prep List: 11.12.20


The Future Of Workplace Law Under President-Elect Joe Biden

JD Supra 11/10

As President-elect Joe Biden selects members of his Cabinet and prepares for his transition into the presidency, he and a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives may pursue a number of significant pieces of federal workplace legislation. Many of these employment law measures successfully passed the House in 2019 and 2020.

Biden Will Need Congressional Approval In Order To Come Through On Most Of His Labor-Related Campaign Promises

Forbes 11/10

A review of Biden’s ambitious plan on his campaign website to strengthen worker organizing, collective bargaining, and unions shows that he will need congressional approval for almost every change he wants to make to existing labor policies. By contrast, there are only a handful of items on his “to do” list he will be able to cross off by himself or by working through his Department of Labor.

California Gig Workers Still Can Sue for Wages After Prop 22

Bloomberg Law 11/9

Gig companies such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. will continue to defend some driver lawsuits in California seeking unpaid wages, overtime, and other labor benefits despite the passage of Proposition 22, thanks to the measure’s lack of backward reach and workers’ rights under federal law. But these legal options are limited, damages will be capped, and workers will have an uphill battle proving their claims, attorneys say.

Food Industry Policy

COVID Complicates the Tipping Debate Even Further for Restaurants

FSR Magazine 11/11 

The topic of tipping and its impact on server wages is hardly a new one, but the coronavirus presented full-service restaurants and the industry at large with an opportunity to dismantle—or at least change—the default model.

Does a Restaurant Surcharge Replace Your Tip?

Eater SF 11/10

Tipping is a complicated issue in this country. And now, during the pandemic, with essential workers risking their lives to serve food, it feels supercharged. The majority of Eater readers say that they are tipping more than ever, and I appreciate that you specifically want to know who’s pocketing that cash. So here’s how to parse the fine print at the bottom of the bill.

Restaurants Unsure If They’ll Last The Winter With COVID-19 Relief Talks Stalled

ABC News 11/10

One in six restaurant and foodservice outlets in the United States has closed since the pandemic began, according to a survey by the National Restaurant Association. With the winter approaching, COVID-19 cases reaching all-time highs and relief talks stalled in Congress, Weinzweig is among the nearly 16 million people who work in the restaurant industry and the food supply chain. Eight months since the country started shutting down, they’ve grown desperate for aid.

On the Side

Chipotle to Unleash Digital-Only Restaurants

QSR Magazine 11/11

The concept will open the gates for Chipotle to enter more urban areas that wouldn’t have supported a full-size restaurant before.

Inside McDonald’s Digitally-focused Future

Restaurant Business Online 11/10

The company is doubling down on delivery and drive-thru innovation, potentially changing how customers interact with its restaurants.

5 Fast Food Restaurants Offering Vegan Meat: From Pizza Hut To McDonald’s

International Business Times 11/10

The fast-food industry is getting savvy to plant-based meat menu items, with the latest entrant being Pizza Hut, which now offers meatless sausage toppings on its pizzas. Just one day earlier, McDonald’s introduced the McPlant burger, followed by several other chains’ vegan meat introductions in the last year.

Where To Order Your Takeout Thanksgiving Dinner

Los Angeles Times 11/10

The holidays are going to look a little different this year. Maybe you’ll be celebrating alone or in a smaller group. If you’re looking for a takeout Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve got you covered. Below are restaurants around Los Angeles offering takeout turkey, fixings and more.

PlantX Known As the “Vegan Amazon,” to Open Flagship in San Diego

The Beet 11/9

If you love Whole Foods and Erewhon Market you’re going to love PlantX even more, since this new plant-based company out of Vancouver is preparing to open its first giant US flagship store in San Diego in anticipation of expanding across the country. Dedicated entirely to plant-based or vegan products, PlantX is known as the “vegan Amazon” of Canada and is set to open its doors on December 1st in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

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