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The Daily Prep List: 11.09.20


Pizza Hut Franchisees Hit With Work Expenses Suit

Law360 11/6

The franchise owners of a group of Ohio Pizza Hut restaurants have been sued by a proposed class of current and former delivery drivers who say they should have been reimbursed for money they spent on gasoline and vehicle maintenance while on the job.

Florida Voters Pass Minimum Wage Amendment

JD Supra 11/6

Florida voters on November 3, 2020 passed Amendment 2, which will, over a period of years, increase Florida’s minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. Florida’s minimum wage was already set to increase from $8.56 per hour to $8.65 per hour effective January 1, 2021, and that increase will still take place.

Portland minimum wage referendum will also increase pay during any declared emergency

WGME 11/6

The minimum wage referendum that passed in Portland this week raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024, and it also increases pay for those workers during any declared emergency, like what we’re in right now.

Food Industry Policy

Is mobile solving the wait-time problem for restaurant brands?

QSR Web 11/6 These days of COVID-19 make it clear that customers will not stand for restaurant brands that make them wait. Limited-service restaurateurs that intend to survive and thrive must make flawless execution of the mobile ordering experience Priority No. 1.

LA City Council Says Restaurants Can Officially Refuse Anti-Maskers

Eater LA 11/6

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles City Council gave restaurants additional ammunition to combat customers without face masks. A new citywide ordinance from the council enables business owners to refuse service or entry to anyone entering the premises without face coverings, and is expected to be signed immediately by the mayor.

Fresno restaurants, closed by pandemic, still paid fees. Gov. Newsom should refund them

The Fresno Bee 11/6

Late last month a Los Angeles law firm filed formal claims in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Sacramento and Monterey counties to recover the fees. Similar claims will soon be filed in Fresno, San Francisco and Placer counties. In fact, the Fresno County claim is to be filed by early next week, with Vino Grille as the plaintiff.

On the Side


Restaurant Business Online 11/6

The National Restaurant Association Show, the premier event to learn about foodservice technology innovations, unique ingredients, and emerging trends in the foodservice industry, announced that the 2021 Show will feature two workshops to address the most important issues impacting the industry today. These workshops will focus on new revenue opportunities and restaurant technology and will offer insights, strategies, and resources that operators can implement in their own businesses. 

How Bay Area restaurants are winterizing outdoor spaces: an 85-feet Christmas tree and fire pits

San Francisco Chronicle 11/6

All around the Bay Area, restaurateurs are adding roofs to parklets, tents to patios and heaters by tables in the hopes of combating rain and chill, in one case spending as much as $10,000 a month to rent equipment. Another restaurant is surrounding tables with an 85-foot Christmas tree and lights for a winter wonderland theme — whatever it takes to get diners excited about dining in December.

Wendy’s Teases The Idea Of A Drive-Thru-Only Model

Forbes 11/6

Wendy’s is the latest company to push a “drive-thru-only” narrative, joining a growing list of fast food chains either committing to or thinking about adopting the model as consumers sharply shift their ordering habits.

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