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The Daily Prep List: 11.04.20


Economic recovery for restaurants remains uncertain, National Restaurant Association CEO Tom Bené says

Nation’s Restaurant News 11/2

The uncertain economic recovery for restaurants in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed in recent months, posing more hurdles for operators. In September, 32 states reported losses in restaurant jobs, and industry employment remained about 2.3 million positions below pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels.

The Minimum Wage Debate Is More Complicated Than You Think (VIDEO)

NBC San Diego 11/2

The federal minimum wage is just $7.25 per hour. And President Trump and Joe Biden agree on one thing — that’s not a lot of money to live on. But they don’t agree on what to do about it. You think you know which side you support? It’s more complicated than you think.

Chipotle executive Scott Boatwright shares how tech makes life easier for employees

Restaurant Hospitality 11/2

New technology has helped restaurants function better during the pandemic. Videoconferencing has helped management stay in touch with each other and new menu items to be tested at a distance, online ordering capability has allowed restaurants to get food to customers where and when they wanted it, electronic readouts have improved order efficiency. Technology also has helped with supply chain and inventory, and, with developments in artificial intelligence, is starting to anticipate restaurants’ needs. But restaurants are, above all else, about people.

Food Industry Policy

‘They’re taking advantage of everybody’: Why some Bay Area restaurants refuse to use delivery apps

SF Gate 11/2

Do restaurants need Grubhub, DoorDash and other third-party delivery apps to survive the pandemic? Despite being derided by restaurant owners for the steep commission fee they often charge, many still view them as a “necessary evil,” at least until indoor dining is back at full capacity. Others, however, refuse to bite the UberEats bullet.

LA Restaurant Owners React to County’s Proposed COVID-19 Recovery Fee Surcharge

Eater LA 11/2

Last week, Los Angeles county supervisors introduced a new idea to assist restaurants, breweries, and wineries in unincorporated LA county by proposing a “COVID-19 recovery fee” to dine-in customers. Supervisor Hilda Solis suggested the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs look into the practicality of this pandemic fee with labor/business representatives and county attorneys, and respond on November 24. Until then, some Los Angeles restaurant owners/chefs responded both positively and with caution.

San Francisco scraps plan to increase indoor dining capacity

Restaurant Dive 11/2

San Francisco has paused its restaurant reopening plan for an undetermined period of time following a nationwide increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Restaurants were slated to increase capacity from 25% to 50% starting Nov. 3.

Styrofoam Container Use On The Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic

WKMS 11/2

The potential harmful effects of Styrofoam containers have been discussed for years.  It’s an issue which could garner additional attention during this period of coronavirus.

On the Side

Eureka Creates an End-to-End Contactless Dining Experience

FSR Magazine 11/4

The California chain is evolving for pandemic times, and the future.

How Tropical Smoothie Became One of COVID’s Success Stories

QSR Magazine 11/4

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has been one of the industry’s true COVID-19 success stories. The brand’s same-store sales ballooned 19.5 percent, year-over-year, in Q3—a company record. Year-to-date comps are 3.4 percent higher than 2019 levels. Meanwhile, its opened 75 restaurants and is on track to surpass 85 by year’s end. 

Comfort food through the eyes of some of the Bay Area’s best chefs, artists and musicians

San Francisco Chronicle 11/2

Whether it’s election anxiety or panic related to the spread of COVID-19, people all over the Bay Area are feeling frazzled in 2020. Self-care has become paramount, and for many, that means eating comfort foods. Here’s what some Bay Area folks — including a pioneering restaurant owner, a Grammy-award winning musician, a chef and a visual artist — are eating lately. And, more importantly, where locals can find the dishes.

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