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The Daily Prep List: 11.03.20


What’s on ballots across the country this election season affecting restaurants?

Nation’s Restaurant News 10/28

Nation’s Restaurant News looks at propositions across the country on issues ranging from minimum wage to gig-workers to marijuana.

Food Industry Policy

Resilient restaurateurs press on with new eateries optimized for uncertain times

Smart Brief 11/2

Despite mounting challenges and uncertainties caused by the pandemic, some restaurateurs are persevering and launching new eateries tailored to the times. Nearly 100,000 restaurants have closed either permanently or for the-long term, according to a September report from the National Restaurant Association. However, new eateries are opening at an increasing pace, a recent study by Yelp found.

Women In Wine: Sexism, Racism And Ageism

Forbes 10/31

In a high end restaurant, a table of men waiting for their expensive bottle of white Burgundy wine becomes taken aback by a young woman, a sommelier at the restaurant, approaching the table to taste them on their selected bottle of choice. She is quickly accused of wearing perfume, a great sin in the fine wine world as it ruins the experience of smelling the wine, and one of the men precedes to humiliate the young lady by demeaning her with the term ‘Wine Girl’ and rejecting the perfectly fine bottle of Burgundy despite her not wearing any fragrance.

On the Side

Callie’s Cabin: Hot sticky cinnamon buns for chilly days

Tahoe Daily Tribune 11/1

This is not the time to feel guilty when cravings hit to indulge is “forbidden” foods. Enter warm, out of the oven fresh sticky buns.

Here Are The Top Trends In Vegan And Plant-Based Desserts

Forbes 10/31

With the post-COVID increase in demand for vegan and plant-based foods and an increasing consciousness around animal welfare and the planet, the market for vegan and plant based desserts, currently valued at 2.68 billion, is poised for growth.

California Pizza Kitchen Reduces Debt as it Emerges from Bankruptcy

FSR Magazine 10/31

California Pizza Kitchen announced Thursday that it had emerged from bankruptcy after and eliminating $225 million in debt. The plan was approved by a federal court in Texas.

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