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The Daily Prep List: 11.02.20


DoorDash Minimum Wage Claims Veer Toward Arbitration

Law360 10/30

A California federal judge at a hearing Thursday appeared inclined to compel DoorDash drivers to arbitrate their minimum wage claims, citing recent appellate decisions finding that Amazon delivery drivers — but not local food delivery drivers — are exempt from arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act.

Higher Wages? Paid Leave? Voters Decide What Employers Must Do

Bloomberg Law 10/29

Workforce law also could be jolted in Florida, where a $15-an-hour minimum wage is on the ballot, and in California, where the election will decide whether rideshare and food delivery drivers will be exempted from a 2019 law requiring them to be classified as employees.

5 ways to design a better mental health future for a stressed-out workforce

Fast Company 10/29

Almost 41% of Americans struggle with mental health issues stemming from the pandemic, but many companies remain ill-equipped to address the problem.

Food Industry Policy

A restaurateur’s guide to the election

Restaurant Business Online 10/30

Figuring out the presidential candidates’ potential impact on the industry may be tougher this year, pundits agree. But here are the indications that are known.

Ventura to ban restaurants, others from using food containers made of expanded polystyrene

Ventura County Star 10/29

The city of Ventura is in the process of banning restaurants and others from using food and drink containers made of expanded polystyrene, commonly known by the trademarked name Styrofoam.

Restaurant priorities shift in the wake of the pandemic

Restaurant Business Online 10/29

Few could have imagined how much things would change in just the last nine months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For restaurant brands, most saw an immediate drop in sales as customers sheltered in place, and many businesses were forced by mandates to close temporarily. And while many restaurants were fortunate enough to be able to remain open, this year has proven the importance of several thins in the restaurant industry, and has led to many operators shifting their priorities.

On the Side

The food gift guide that also supports L.A. restaurants and businesses

Los Angeles Times 10.30

Here’s a chance to give friends and family a “taste” of L.A. for the holidays. We’ve collected items from individual entrepreneurs and restaurants working to stay afloat during the pandemic, small businesses that give back to the community, shops with unique or hard-to-find items, and philanthropic organizations.

Comfort food is reigning in the Bay Area. Is it good for dining culture as a whole?

San Francisco Chronicle 10/29

As the pandemic has forced many restaurants to slim down their menus and simplify for takeout, the Bay Area has seen even more comfort food across the board. Michelin-starred Saison pivoted to barbecue, Lazy Bear offered cookie dough bites through its Commissary concept, and upscale sushi bar the Shota has been selling chef Ingi Son’s take on his mother’s inari sushi. Now more than ever, the simple flavors of nostalgic home cooking have been in abundant supply. Is this a good thing for food culture as a whole?

Closing time?

Sacramento News & Review 10/29

California’s struggling restaurants have two major efforts on their menu to survive the COVID-19 economic collapse. They’re pleading with patrons to dine out and to donate to workers in a new campaign during all of November.

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