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The Daily Prep List 10.27.2023


Chipotle says it may need to tick its food prices up to pay California wages

CNN Business 10/26

Chipotle, which just announced price hikes, said it will likely charge even more at its California restaurants, blaming a new law that raises minimum wages for fast food (and fast casual) workers in the state.

New rule increases restaurant franchisors’ chances of paying for franchisees’ labor mistakes

Restaurant Business 10/26

As feared, the National Labor Relations Board has broadened the definition of “joint employer,” rousing the industry to pledge new battles in Congress and the courts.

Food Industry Policy

Single-use foodware Ordinance moves to City Council

Tri County Sentry 10/27

The change preventing single-use foodware began when the City Council adopted Ordinance 3017 on July 28, 2022, restricting using single-use foodware accessories and standard condiments.

Cal Ave. may remain closes to cars for another year

Daily Post 10/26

Palo Alto City Council will consider leaving California Avenue closed to cars for another year while a consultant studies the future of the street, which has the highest vacancy rate of any business district in the city.

On the Side

Foundation Giving $5,000 Grants to California Eateries

Pasadena Now 10/27

A nonprofit organization that aims to invest in and empower California’s restaurant workforce will be distributing $5,000 grants to independent restaurant owners in Southern California and elsewhere, it was announced Thursday.

‘The office is dead’: Upscale lounge meant to lure workers back into S.F tech building closes

San Francisco Chronicle 10/26

Tech company Expensify plans to shutter the upscale lounge at its San Francisco office, where it offered employees and guests free specialty cocktails and a daily Champagne sabering, just six months after its grand opening.

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