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The Daily Prep List: 10.25.21


Wage Theft at Restaurants Is Getting Worse

Mother Jones 10/23
As if restaurant workers weren’t already suffering enough during the pandemic from lost hours and angry customers, many of them have also had to contend with not being paid for all of the hours they’ve worked. 

West Hollywood Proposes $17.64 Minimum Wage for All Workers Beginning in 2022

Eater LA 10/22
The City of West Hollywood is seemingly always on the vanguard of policy to ensure the wellbeing of its stakeholders and residents, potentially at the burdening or detriment of its businesses.

Food Industry Policy

A Post-Pandemic Survival Guide for Restaurants

Entrepreneur 10/25

If the onset and subsequent fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s just how essential the restaurant industry is. 

Coronavirus Today: In-N-Out vs. San Francisco

Los Angeles Times 10/22

In-N-Out has been serving hamburgers since 1948. That’s the business it knows. But now San Francisco wants it to add some light law enforcement to the menu — and the restaurant chain is not happy about it.

On the Side

Franchisees are flocking to fast casuals to grow. Here’s why.

Restaurant Dive 10/25

Six years ago, Kelsey Irvine, Jersey Mike’s franchisee and CEO of Carpo Restaurant Enterprises, had to beg people to come to his sandwich stores.

Five Priorities to Overcome COVID’s Challenges

QSR Magazine 10/25
During the first four months of 2021, visits to the 20 largest fast-food chains increased by 33% nationwide, according to an analysis of GPS tracking data by TOP Data.

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