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The Daily Prep List 10.25.2023


McDonald’s employees stage noon walkout, protesting extreme heat at work

Los Angeles Daily News 10/24

Employees at the East L.A location say kitchen temperatures neared 100 degrees amid last week’s heat waves.

California congressman offers bill to allow striking workers to collect unemployment pay

Los Angeles Times 10/24

The political fight over whether workers on strike should be allowed to collect unemployment benefits is reigniting in Washington.

Food Industry Policy

Taco Bell wraps up ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark fight with NJ restaurant

Reuters 10/25

Taco Bell on Tuesday announced that it resolved its dispute with a restaurant that had trademarked “Taco Tuesday,” successfully ending the chain’s legal and marketing campaign to “liberate the phrase for restaurants nationwide.”

Santa Barbara woman harangues street vendor in second viral video; D.A brings charges

Los Angeles Times 10/24

A month ago, a viral video of a woman railing against a Latino construction worker rocked Santa Barbara, raising conversations around the dynamic between white and Latino people in the coastal town. A second video surfaced last week in which she appears to harangue a taco vendor. And now the Santa Barbara County district attorney has charged Jeanne Umana with battery and trespassing.

On the Side

The Bay Area’s must-try restaurant of the year is here

San Francisco Chronicle 10/25

Burdell doesn’t make your typical soul food. If you want smothered pork chops and fried chicken, those places exist already. Instead, you go to Burdell for a richer, deeper understanding of the cooking tradition, which chef Geoff Davis believes deserves more respect as one of the first true American cuisines.

Welcome to West Hollywood’s Bold, Inclusive New Cannabis Lounge

Los Angeles Eater 10/24

PleasureMed, which includes two restaurants, a consumption lounge, and a dispensary, is a safe space to explore cannabis, dining, and sex positivity.

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