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The Daily Prep List: 10.21.21


The New Face of Restaurant Labor

QSR Magazine 10/21

Despite the new technologies in foodservice that were accelerated by demand during the pandemic, streamlined amenities like online ordering, curbside pickup, to-go, delivery, and meal prep kits have one thing in common—workers.

Chili’s Relieves Pressure with Tech-Forward Labor Model

FSR Magazine 10/20

Three years ago, Chili’s parent Brinker International began testing a new “Team Service Evolution” model in California featuring handheld server devices, with intentions to reduce labor pressures and improve productivity.

Food Industry Policy

Report challenges science behind push to ban gas appliances in California

Just The News 10/20

An ongoing push to ban natural gas appliances in California cites a university and environmental group report that used misleading science to help their argument, according to an industry report.

In-N-Out Burger’s fight over COVID vaccination rules could be start of bigger battle

Los Angeles Times 10/20

SAN FRANCISCO — As cities up and down the state increasingly move to require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations in an assortment of public places, a cherished California restaurant chain has become an unlikely flashpoint.

On the Side

Restaurant Design: Right Now – and What’s Next

Eater 10/21

When the sommelier Yannick Benjamin was planning his East Harlem restaurant Contento, he told his architect that he wanted to make it feel like home, a simple place where diners would step inside and instantly feel comfortable.

Restaurant Earnings Set To Take A Hit From Higher Labor And Food Costs

Forbes 10/20

Higher labor and food costs, along with a shortage of workers and inflationary pressures, have combined to create a challenging environment for restaurant chains that analysts are warning could sap earnings for the just-completed quarter.

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