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The Daily Prep List: 10.20.20


Food Delivery Workers Forced to Promote Ballot Measure That Decides Their Fate

Eater SF 10/16

San Francisco-based food delivery company DoorDash is escalating its promotion of a controversial ballot proposition, sending bags emblazoned with “Yes on 22” to restaurants, which will then hand those same bags off to the app-based delivery drivers whose futures will be determined by that very prop.

Food Industry Policy

2020 Changed The Game: Digital Metrics Matter For Future Restaurant Success

Forbes 10/19

The restaurant industry has changed drastically as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and many of the new practices built to navigate these unprecedented times in food service are likely to remain long term. While nobody is sure when a “return to normal” might be, or what that will look like, but one thing that is certain: Our future “normal” won’t be the same as our “normal” of January 2020.

Touchless tech gets prioritized at restaurant chains during the coronavirus pandemic

Restaurant Hospitality 10/19

Contactless interaction with customers has become a necessity during the coronavirus pandemic, and the technology teams of many restaurant chains have been working hard to streamline guest visits and make the lives of their employees easier.

Restaurants, Down $200 Billion Already, Prepare for Election Fallout

QSR Magazine 10/19

This likely comes as no great revelation, but the restaurant industry remains in flux as the heart of winter and a contentious election fast approaches. Industry sales trended higher in September, but at the slowest pace since the economy began to reopen. According to preliminary data from the U.S. census bureau, “eating and drinking places” registered sales of $55.6 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis in September.

On the Side

What’s trending for the future of food?

Smart Brief 10/19

While health and wellness has been an emerging trend in the food and beverage industry far before the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 has made the trend develop even more quickly. Food processing company Archer-Daniels-Midland has identified several ways consumer behavior has changed during the pandemic and how the food industry has adapted to meet these trends; many of the findings revolved around addressing nutrition concerns and generally boosting health.

New East LA Mexican Restaurant Cocina Express Gets A Boost From Food Fans On Twitter

CBS Los Angeles 10/19

A fledgling East LA restaurant is all atwitter after a simple request for retweets boosted its business.

Many of your favorite classic Bay Area restaurants are actually poised to survive the pandemic

San Francisco Chronicle 10/19

But despite the myriad closures, many of the Bay Area’s longtime local restaurants — the ones with decades of history, and the ones that have shaped how the region eats — are finding ways to not only survive, but in some cases, to thrive. Long tenures in the city often translate to bigger, more loyal customer bases, and more time to build up savings. 

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