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The Daily Prep List: 10.15.21


‘Very Challenging’ Labor Shortage Strains Domino’s Momentum

QSR Magazine 10/15

When it comes to resolving staffing issues, Allison said it’s important to distinguish what Domino’s can’t control, like Americans removing themselves from the workforce during COVID, the expiration of economic stimulus, and decreases in immigration.

4.3 Million Workers Are Missing. Where Did They Go?

Wall Street Journal 10/14

Scarce labor is becoming a fixture of the U.S. economy, reshaping the workforce and prodding firms to adapt by raising wages, reinventing services and investing in automation.

Food Industry Policy

New mask rules take effect Friday in S.F. and Marin. Here’s what to know

San Francisco Chronicle 10/14

A limited loosening of COVID-19 mask mandates goes into effect Friday in San Francisco and Marin County, with Contra Costa County joining them Nov. 1.

West Hollywood’s Strict Vaccine Mandates Follow a Long Tradition of Proactive Health Policies

Eater 10/14

From the AIDS/HIV epidemic to cannabis legalization, West Hollywood has always been on the vanguard of progressive policy.

On the Side

Crowdfunding saves Sherman Oaks cafe facing $80,000 rent bill amid pandemic

Los Angeles Daily News 10/14

Calls and donations poured in. Other business owners shared his GoFundMe page on their social media accounts. On a recent afternoon, a couple drove all the way from Oxnard to dine and leave donations.

Is the Rise of the Restaurant QR Code Overblown?

FSR Magazine 10/12

Restaurants might be eager to jump on the bandwagon, but they should first consider the true cost of digital menus.

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