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The Daily Prep List: 10.13.20


‘We’re exposing ourselves’: Restaurant workers fear safety as indoor dining reopens

SF Gate 10/12

A few weeks ago, San Francisco reopened indoor dining at 25% capacity, following several other Bay Area counties as COVID-19 restrictions eased. However, some restaurant workers don’t feel safe with this shift.

Food Industry Policy

Alameda County just paved the way for more food pop-ups

San Francisco Chronicle 10/12

Alameda County officials are pushing forward a plan to allow home cooks to turn their kitchens into small restaurants — despite resistance from the health department.

Domino’s Spent $11 Million on COVID-19 Protocols

QSR Magazine Oct. 2020

A September study from Coca-Cola found restaurant operators had, on average, spent $7,400 to adjust to pandemic realities. This included everything from enhanced training and cleaning protocols to visible updates, like plexiglass and PPE. What does that look like at a restaurant with 17,000 locations?

No Matter What Side You’re On, the 2020 Presidential Election Matters for Restaurants

FSR Magazine Oct. 2020

From taxes to immigration, the result of the 2020 presidential election will have a profound impact on the restaurant industry.

On the Side

Bubbles, tents and greenhouses: Restaurants get creative to keep outdoor diners warm

Today 10/12

Restaurant owners are turning to igloos, tents and other structures to keep their outdoor diners protected from the elements and warm as temperatures fall.

A food expert’s first impressions of the Bay Area food scene

San Francisco Chronicle 10/12

On this episode of “Extra Spicy,” Serena Dai, the new senior features editor for The Chronicle, talks about her first impressions of the Bay Area food scene and why food writing continues to fascinate her.

Restaurants are facing their next big challenge under COVID-19: winter weather

SF Gate 10/12

Fall is here, and although temperatures haven’t yet chilled significantly in the Bay Area, the restaurant industry is trying to brace itself for perhaps the one predictable thing they can count on in a year of unpredictability.

How good people are helping a Redding restaurant stay alive

ABC 7, 10/12

Moonstone Bistro in Redding is at yet another roadblock, as are many restaurants in Shasta County as the county prepares to go into the purple COVID tier. That means outdoor dining only and that’s expected to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Support Independent Restaurants

The New York Times 10/10

As the weather gets colder in many places, mom-and-pop establishments are under even more strain. You can take some simple steps to help them survive.

Yelp will label businesses’ ‘racist behavior’ but some worry it could be misused

The Washington Post 10/9

Yelp is introducing a new feature to let people know when a business might be discriminating against customers — a warning that will top a company’s page on the review site that notes it has been “accused of racist behavior.”

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