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The Daily Prep List 10.10.2023


Wage Hike Has Owners on Fire

Los Angeles Business Journal 10/9

Michaela Mendelsohn expects her six El Pollo Loco locations in Los Angeles County will take a $600,000 hit annually starting in April when the minimum wage for fast-food workers goes up to $20 an hour.

A $50-an-hour minimum wage for California? Here’s the candidate who suggested it | Opinion

Yahoo! Finance 10/9

Rep. Barbara Lee is a warrior in the fight against poverty. But a $50-an-hour federal minimum wage? Is she serious?

Food Industry Policy

California becomes first US state to ban 4 potentially harmful chemicals in food

CNN 10/9

CNN — California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a landmark law aimed at banning red dye No. 3 and other potentially harmful food additives in consumer goods.

What you see is what you’ll pay: New law bans ‘junk’ fees on hotel bills, concert tickets, etc.

Los Angeles Times 10/9

Californians can soon say goodbye to so-called junk fees, those startling charges that appear in a transaction only when a customer is about to hit “purchase.”

On the Side

Yelp’s New Wall of Shame Publicly Calls Out Restaurants for Paying for Reviews

Eater SF 10/5

Diners likely know Yelp as the oft-hated bane of a business owner’s existence, allowing any user to review a company, restaurant, or bar — for better or worse.

Top 25 Restaurants

SF Chronicle 10/9

The spring and summer harvest produced so many worthwhile Bay Area restaurants that choosing the best was an arduous process. It’s a good problem to have.

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