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The Daily Prep List 10.06.2023


How Calif.’s fast-food business got a $20 wage: A timeline

Restaurant Business 10/5

The unprecedented increase was the result of what California Gov. Gavin Newsom himself called “sausage-making,” a fit of politics that began more than a decade ago.

Democrats’ magical (or cynical) thinking on prices

Washington Examiner 10/6

The bill, called the Fast Food Accountability and Standards California is raising the minimum wage for fast-food workers from $15 an hour to $20. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get 33% raises?

Food Industry Policy

‘Like a zombie apocalypse.’ Crime fears kill business at Oakland chef’s restaurant

CBS Bay Area 10/5

OAKLAND — An Oakland native who followed her passion was hoping to be part of the change that helped turn her hometown around. Instead, Chef Leilani Baugh is closing the doors of her restaurant.

In California and Europe, a new dawn for corporate climate disclosure

The Hill 10/5

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to finalize a new rule this month to cover required corporate climate disclosures by public-reporting companies.

On the Side

Here Are the Hottest New Restaurants in San Francisco, October 2023

Eater SF 10/5

At the top of a new month, it’s time to revisit that long list of restaurants you’ve been meaning to try across the city.

Things to do this weekend: Dine LA Restaurant Week is back for two deal-filled weeks

NBC Los Angeles 10/5

Dine LA Restaurant Week: A bevy of memorable things pop up more than once on the annual calendar, but if you’re talking about this fortnight-big feast-around, which returns twice during the year, you’re talking dining specials galore.

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