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The Daily Prep List: 1.3.22


Massive virus surge wreaks havoc on restaurants, bars

Los Angeles Daily News 1/1

For restaurant and bar owner Camila Perry, New Year’s Eve has always been one of the busiest days of the winter holiday season.

How will California’s workplace laws change in 2022? More protections are coming

Los Angeles Times 12/31

Heading into 2022 — and a potential third year of the COVID-19 pandemic — California officials faced a familiar-feeling dilemma.

Food Industry Policy

California is late with rules for Prop 12, ‘world’s strongest’ animal welfare law

Fern’s AG Insider 1/2

More than three years ago, California voters approved Proposition 12, guaranteeing sows, veal calves and egg-laying hens more room to move about and barring the sale of eggs, veal and pork from farms, even in other states, that do not comply with the new standards.

California is 60 years behind on its climate goals. We can’t catch up without green buildings

San Francisco Chronicle 1/1

new report tracking California’s progress toward meeting our climate targets just delivered some sobering numbers; Not only is our state behind on cutting carbon emissions, we’re dangerously behind. 

On the Side

Here’s what’s ahead for California businesses in 2022

CalMatters 1/3

Clogged supply chains. Hiring struggles. New mask rules. A virus that trampled right over return-to-work schedules. Last year was chaotic for many businesses across California.

Omicron triggers business outcry for Washington lifeline

Politico 12/27

The Omicron surge is forcing pandemic-battered businesses to once again scale back and close their doors, energizing a lobbying push for billions of dollars of new aid for struggling employers and their workers.

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