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The Daily Prep List 1.3.2023


Lawsuit filed to stop California from implementing FAST Act

NRN 12/30

The Save Local Restaurants Coalition has filed a lawsuit to stop California from implementing Assembly Bill 257 on Jan. 1 because it has collected enough signatures to push it to a referendum vote in 2024.

Fast-food industry coalition sues to block California labor law AB 257

Los Angeles Times 12/29

A group of businesses and restaurant trade groups sued Thursday to stop California from implementing a new labor law boosting protections for fast-food workers.

Food Industry Policy

Two Bay Area fishermen push low-tech redesign of crab pot to protect whales — and revitalize a threatened industry

The Mercury News 12/30

As whale populations swell along the California coast, Dungeness crab fishermen are struggling to stay afloat.

Think those bags are recyclable? California says think again

AP / Los Angeles Times 12/29

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —  Since California adopted the nation’s first ban on single-use plastic shopping bags in 2014, most grocery stores have turned to thicker, reusable plastic bags that are supposed to be recyclable.

On the Side

ROCA Brings Global, Innovative Spin to Pizza

QSR Magazine 12/30

To understand ROCA—a new fast-casual concept cooked up by California Pizza Kitchen cofounder Rick Rosenfeld and his wife, Esther—one must start at Roman pizza. 

9 must-try Vietnamese restaurants in the SGV — for stone-pot pho, lobster and more

Los Angeles Times 12/29

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, I can tell you that it has been an absolute pleasure as someone who loves food: The culinary landscape is bountiful, exciting and ever-changing.

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