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The Daily Prep List: 1.21.22


Fast food bill will discourage small business owners

CalMatters 1/21

CalMatters’ article describing the FAST Recovery Act attempted to break down the pros and cons of the proposed legislation. 

Holden Takes Over Authorship on Fast Food Equity Bill

Pasadena Now 1/20

In light of Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez’s resignation, today, Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) has taken over authorship of AB-257 Food Facilities and Employment and announced several clarifying and substantive amendments to the measure that address stakeholder concerns. 

Food Industry Policy

Omicron poses new threats to restaurants and bars

Los Angeles Times 1/21

After a lull in reported COVID-19 cases in the fall and the hope that things might be approaching something resembling normal, restaurants are, again, reporting disruptions and steep drops in revenue.

California Has Existing Tools to Assist Struggling Restaurant/Bar Industry

California Globe 1/20

Previous state and federal programs have been helpful to the California hospitality industry. 

On The Side

America’s caviar capital: Here’s how an unlikely export found a home in Sacramento County

The Sacramento Bee 1/21

Large fins lazily slap the sides of Tsar Nicoulai Caviar’s above-ground tanks in Wilton, just outside of Elk Grove. White sturgeon circle below the surface, their ovaries carrying precious gems destined for fine dining.

A bottle of wine could cost $5 more this year as California winemakers grapple with a glass crisis

San Francisco Chronicle 1/20

California winemakers are grappling with a glass crisis that has sent the price of bottles shooting up, raising fears that they’ll have to increase costs for consumers.

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