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The Daily Prep List: 1.19.22


‘FAST recovery’ plan would cripple franchise businesses

Capitol Weekly 1/18

The franchise model, whereby a brand and business are developed by a franchisor and a franchisee pays for the right to distribute products and services based on the model, is a time-honored way of achieving success.

These are the jobs Bay Area employers are having the hardest time filling

San Francisco Chronicle 1/18

Which job is harder to fill in the Bay Area right now, software engineer or deli worker? According to data from jobs site, both take about the same amount of time, pointing to how massive numbers of workers quitting to seek out new jobs and better pay could be reshaping the local labor market.

Food Industry Policy

‘Unprecedented’: Restaurant chains are booming in the Bay Area due to pandemic conditions

San Francisco Chronicle 1/19

In November, even as many restaurants continued to struggle or close due to the pandemic, Bay Area chain Starbird Chicken announced it had raised $12 million in capital, its fried chicken restaurants were seeing 26% growth in sales over 2020 and many more locations were on the way.

Is outdoor dining here to stay?

FOX40 1/18

We’ve watched communities help restaurants pivot during the pandemic by providing more public space for restaurants to offer open-air dining, but is it here to stay?

On The Side

NFTs could be the ticket to your next great meal

Los Angeles Times 1/19

Chef Brad Miller and restaurateur Luke Tabit have tested and eaten hundreds of burgers over the past six months. 

Why Would an LA Restaurant Keep Selling a Dish That Loses Money?

Eater LA 1/18

Uyên Lê has profitable items on her menu at Bé Ù, like her banh mi. But there are two key reasons why she has so far been willing to lose money in order to keep the $10.50 caramelized pork with eggs (thit heo kho) on the menu.

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