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The Daily Prep List: 09.24.21


Report: More Restaurants Are Paying Full Wages with Tips

FSR Magazine 9/24

More than 1,600 restaurants are paying an average wage of $13.50 plus tips across 41 states, according to a new report from One Fair Wage, as operators continue to battle for labor and retention. 

Relief fund created for Tahoe food and beverage workers impacted by Caldor Fire

KCRA 3, 9/23

South Lake Tahoe’s food and beverage workers have been struggling for a year and a half. From COVID-19 lockdowns to wildfires, many are currently unable to work, receive tips or return home after being evacuated from the Caldor Fire.

Food Industry Policy

New restaurant survey shows drop in sales following vaccinate mandate, delta variant

San Francisco Chronicle 9/23

The vaccine mandate is only one aspect of a dip in business, however: Many owners also attribute it to concerns about the delta variant and the typical late-summer slowdown.

Encinitas bans natural gas in new buildings, including homes

Los Angeles Times 9/23

The Encinitas City Council has passed a sweeping building ordinance that, with few exceptions, will eliminate installing natural gas infrastructure on new residential and commercial construction within city limits.

On the Side

The Keys to Offering Both In-House and Third-Party Delivery

Modern Restaurant Management 9/24

Delivery is an essential part of restaurants nowadays, which is why there are more restaurants partnering with third-party delivery services, even if they already have their own in-house delivery.

Sacramento’s new Michelin stars come out Tuesday. Do the stars even matter?

The Sacramento Bee 9/24

A half-hour drive from the state Capitol, Restaurant Josephine is one of the best additions to greater Sacramento’s dining scene in the last two years. Yet, if Michelin inspectors stick to the same guidelines as their last visit to the region, Josephine has no chance of being featured in the 2021 California Guide that comes out Tuesday.

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