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The Daily Prep List: 09.23.21


Taking Workers’ Tips Will Now Come at a Cost for Restaurants

FSR Magazine 9/23

Taking tips earned by employees will now come at a cost for restaurants, the Department of Labor announced Thursday. The DOL shared a final rule that restores its ability to assess civil penalties against employers who do so, regardless of whether those violations are repeated or willful.

Prop 22 is a racial equity battleground

HR Dive 9/22

The war over delivery driver classification is being fought primarily in California. But Prop 22, Alameda County’s ruling of it as unconstitutional and subsequent appeals have implications extending beyond the Golden State. 

Food Industry Policy

Fast-Food Chains Test Reusable Cups, Sandwich Boxes

Wall Street Journal 9/22

Fast-food companies are testing whether customers will be willing to return sturdier, reusable packaging to stores as part of efforts to reduce the amount of waste their restaurants produce.

Encinitas could ban natural gas hookups from new homes

ABC 10 San Diego 9/22

Hookups for gas appliances like stoves, furnaces and water heaters could be banned from homes and buildings going up in Encinitas.

On the Side

Uber Eats adds search feature for takeout orders

Restaurant Dive 9/23

Uber Eats launched a new feature allowing customers to search, rather than just scroll, and see how far away a restaurant is for a pickup order.

Ghost kitchens and virtual brands: pandemic necessity or the future of restaurants?

SmartBrief 9/22

The onset of the pandemic meant new regulations, restrictions and realities for restaurateurs of all types. One of the biggest shifts? The growth of so-called ghost kitchens and virtual brands.

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