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The Daily Prep List: 09.23.20


Is Flexible Self-Scheduling an Answer to COVID Staffing Dilemmas?

QSR Magazine Sep. 2020

Creating employee work schedules has historically been a time-consuming and tedious process. As restaurants resume operations under new government mandates, social distancing guidelines and, in some cases, new business models, planning those schedules to meet today’s widely fluctuating market conditions can be nearly impossible using traditional methods.

Food Industry Policy

Pismo’s owner claims discrimination by city of Fresno, aims to sue over COVID-19 rules

The Fresno Bee 9/22

An outspoken Fresno restaurateur will file a lawsuit against the city of Fresno and the state, claiming discrimination against his businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to his attorney.

Regional: Outdoor Dining Brings New Hope To Bay Area Restaurants Despite Pandemic

SF Gate 9/22

During a time of social distancing, a sense of togetherness has emerged now that restaurants have taken over parking spots and expanded outdoor dining options in many Bay Area business districts.

On the Side

‘I’m Not Going to Put My Life At Risk:’ How San Francisco Diners Feel About Eating Indoors

Eater, San Francisco 9/22

Some folks have already been eating inside elsewhere, others will cut indoor diners out of their social circle.

Diners angry about masks and other coronavirus rules prompt training for restaurant workers

The Washington Post 9/22

Six-plus months into the pandemic that has upended the way many businesses operate, videos of irate customers refusing to wear masks or maintain social distance are by now no novelty.

Restaurants Adapting to Changing Seasons

NBC, Bay Area 9/22

Sweater weather will be here before you know it. Tuesday is the first official day of fall and many restaurant owners in the Bay Area are now scrambling to make sure they can still serve people outside, even when the temperatures drop and it’s pouring rain.

Contactless delivery robots may soon hit a sidewalk near you

Fast Company 9/22

The future of autonomous vehicles is coming slower than expected—maybe less than 10 miles per hour.

Deep Dive: How QSRs Can Fight The Rise Of App-Enabled Friendly Fraud


Many consumers are still hesitant to dine out during the pandemic, but a growing number are warming to delivery and carryout options.

Why this drive-through restaurant could be the future of fine dining

Fast Company 9/22

The restaurant industry has been pummeled by the pandemic, prompting a wave of creative new dining ideas across the country, from bars offering carry-0ut cocktail mixes to pizzerias transforming into produce stands. 

The Hybrid Mexican-Barbecue Tacos That Are Helping East Bay Bars Stay Open

Eater, San Francisco 9/22

It was the 2018 Northern California wildfires that first killed Chris Parks’s North Oakland wine and cocktail bar Bar 41. 

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