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The Daily Prep List: 09.09.21


Raising tipped minimum wage could spark job loss, study shows

Restaurant Dive 9/9

The debate over raising the subminimum wage — which hasn’t been increased since the early 1990s — continues to roil both sides, with each leaning on separate studies to support their positions. 

Why aren’t restaurant workers coming back? Here’s what the data shows.

Restaurant Dive 9/8

While operators continue to point to high unemployment benefits keeping workers from returning, various reports show the staffing shortage is much more complicated.

Food Industry Policy

New vaccine mandates falter in California Legislature as protesters gather in Sacramento

Los Angeles Times 9/8

A drumbeat of chants criticizing vaccine and mask mandates carried into the unusually sparse hallways on Wednesday at the state Capitol, where lawmakers were wrapping up the final week of their legislative session without the bills that hundreds came to Sacramento to protest.

Could This Bill Change the Third-Party Delivery Industry?

1851 Franchise 9/8

Last week, assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) sent AB 286 to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for consideration. The bill, which would give restaurants the option of having each fee and commission they’re being charged by a food delivery platform disclosed directly to the customer, as well as set the price of food and beverages that are sold through delivery apps, comes after a year fraught with controversy for third-party delivery providers.

On the Side

Here’s how diners, restaurants are responding to the Delta variant

Bizwomen (Business Journals) 9/8

Six in 10 adults said the Delta variant of the coronavirus caused them to alter their restaurant habits, a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association discovered. 

Welcome to the Digital Restaurant Revolution

FSR Magazine, 9/8

Despite COVID-19’s acceleration of contactless options, robotics, automation, AI, and every tech-fueled corner of foodservice imaginable, hospitality isn’t going the way of the floppy disk for restaurants. 

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