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The Daily Prep List: 09.08.21


California is trying a $15 minimum wage. Is it time for $20 – or $0?

The Sacramento Bee 9/8

Conservatives call it a job killer. Liberals call it an anti-poverty measure. However you describe it, a $15-an-hour minimum wage is coming to California. It will become a reality for the state’s bigger employers by next year.

Here are 36 California cities and counties where the minimum wage is higher than $14 an hour

The Sacramento Bee 9/8

Next year, the state’s minimum wage will again increase by $1 an hour. By 2023, all employers will be paying workers $15 an hour, and the state will tie its minimum wage to inflation.

Food Industry Policy

Letters: No need to hire security to check vaccine cards

San Francisco Chronicle 9/8

As a former waiter, I’m well experienced in carding folks to be sure I’m not serving alcohol to anyone underage. With the virus, waitstaff have an additional motivation keeping themselves and anyone near them safe from COVID-19.

California settles climate lawsuit with fossil fuel giant SoCalGas

Los Angeles Times 9/7

A coalition backed by the gas company and other business groups persuaded more than 100 cities and counties to pass resolutions calling for “balanced” energy policies — an attempt to slow the tide of local governments banning or discouraging gas hookups in new construction. 

On the Side

Next Food Frontier: Fish Made From Plants, or in a Lab

New York Times 9/8

Sophisticated, plant-based alternatives that mimic seafood are cropping up at restaurants and grocery stores around the world. And “cultivated” seafood, grown in labs from real cells, is on the horizon.

What Cities Are Leading the Restaurant Industry’s Recovery?

Restaurant Business 9/7

How long will restaurants have to wait for a full recovery from the pandemic? That depends on whether their market is more like an Oklahoma City than a Washington, D.C.

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