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The Daily Prep List: 09.07.21


Unemployment benefits end for millions. California leaders say state can’t extend them

Sacramento Bee 9/7

The unemployment benefits that ended Saturday won’t be revived anytime soon in California. In Sacramento, as in Washington, the message is the same: The economy is recovering, jobs are plentiful and lots of other help is available if needed.

California’s Labor Day lament: A shortage of workers

CalMatters 9/6

The worker shortages indicate that the pandemic may have wrought at least a semi-permanent change in California’s employment scene, and if it persists, it will have a negative impact on the state’s economy.

Food Industry Policy

California Restaurant workers aren’t equipped to play vaccine police

San Francisco Chronicle 9/6

Last week, I entered a San Francisco restaurant for dinner. A pleasant, 20-something hostess greeted me right away. She clearly wore a smile underneath her mask, doing what she signed up for — working in the hospitality industry and being hospitable. But the sign posted next to her presented a stark warning: “No mask. No vaccine proof. No service.”

Some OC Cities Begin Asking If Public Streets Should be Used For Private Restaurants

Orange County Register 9/2

City council members throughout Orange County are taking a hard look at outdoor dining programs created during the pandemic, with some questioning if cities should be providing public spaces for private businesses.

On the Side

The new restaurant that just delivered dinner could be a spinoff of one of these popular chains

CNBC 9/6

A few years ago, established restaurant companies were creating new eateries to appeal to younger consumers. That trend hasn’t slowed down, but now those spinoff brands exist in only cyberspace.

20 executives on the move at restaurants in August

Nation’s Restaurant News 9/3

From McDonald’s to the NRA to Burger King, see which companies had people changing positions last month.

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