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The Daily Prep List: 08.25.20


‘People aren’t really applying’: Wilmington-area restaurants search for answers in COVID-19 job market

Star News 8/24

Various reasons have kept a number of people from returning to work and left some area restaurants scrambling for staff.

Food Industry Policy

Is outdoor dining a new normal? Restaurants grapple with heat, smoke and coronavirus

The Sacramento Bee 8/24

Sharokina Shams, vice president of public affairs at the California Restaurant Association, said no one knows exactly how policies governing restaurant operations may change in the coming months. And both patio equipment and other changes to business models cost money.

California counties stuck in limbo as they wait for Newsom’s reopening rules

Los Angeles Times 8/24

Gov. Gavin Newsom appeared to deliver welcome news on Monday to counties that have slowed the spread of coronavirus and been removed from the state’s watchlist only to find themselves in limbo as they await his long-promised reopening rules.

University Of California Announces Plan To Phase Out Single-Use Plastics At All 10 Campuses By 2030

CBS, Los Angeles 8/24

University of California announced Monday it would begin phasing out single-use plastics, starting with plastic bags, utensils and straws in 2021.

Pandemic or not, the regulators are cooking up bad news for bakers

The Hill 8/24

As we enter our sixth month of pandemic life, amateur bakers and chefs are looking to turn their skills in the kitchen into a little extra cash by selling their culinary creations online or in their local communities. This popular trend, however, comes with a sea of red tape and threats of home intrusion.

To-go drinks an elixir for public, a lifeline for business

ABC 3 8/24

The coronavirus is shaking up America’s liquor laws. At least 33 states and the District of Columbia are temporarily allowing cocktails to-go during the pandemic. 

On the Side

Coronavirus likely has changed forever the way restaurants are designed — for better and for worse

Chicago Tribune 8/24

The Perch Kitchen and Tap was six weeks into construction when everything Doug Dunlay knew about opening restaurants was thrown into doubt.

Restaurant awards don’t have to be a complete disaster

San Francisco Chronicle 8/24

When the news broke that the James Beard Foundation (JBF) wouldn’t be issuing chef and restaurant awards this year — or next year — it was a telling departure from the decision by the Michelin Guide, which bestows its coveted stars and Bib Gourmand designations on restaurants around the world. The tire company’s guide said this month that it plans to release its 2020 California list based on pre-pandemic dining.

Chipotle’s Chief Restaurant Officer On What’s Next For Restaurants


Not unlike squirrels storing nuts for winter, some companies saw the resilience of digital channels long before the cold weather arrived earlier this year, carrying COVID-19 and assorted ills with it.

Should restaurants charge a pandemic fee?

Retail Wire 8/24

Bonnie Brae Tavern in Denver has joined a number of other restaurants around the U.S. adding a “COVID-19” fee to its bills. The charge is two dollars for any purchase over $10.

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