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The Daily Prep List: 08.24.20


How restaurants may change after the pandemic

San Francisco Chronicle 8/24

When you visit your favorite restaurant, bakery, bar, food truck or cafe, it’s not the food and drink that you’re paying for — it’s the human lives behind each element.

‘It’s been a nightmare:’ With a limited talent pool constantly in flux, restaurants play the adapting game

The Hi Lo 8/21

Upon opening, Witzl had more than 30 people working in his kitchen, four focused solely on creating the restaurant’s signature blue corn tortillas. Today, Witzl has four people in total working at Lupe’s and another four at Ellie’s Deli, Witzl’s casual sandwich spot in Alamitos Beach. The result? A lack of consistency frustrating to both Witzl and his patrons.

Food Industry Policy

As restaurants take over sidewalks to provide pandemic-safe dining, people with disabilities encounter barriers.

The Washington Post 8/23

When New York began allowing outdoor activities in June, Emily Ladau, 29, ventured out in her Long Island town of West Babylon after long months of staying inside because of the novel coronavirus. But her moment in the sun was marred — as a wheelchair user, she found that restaurants spilling over onto the sidewalk blocked her path.

Lawmakers are catching up to food delivery companies. They won’t cave in without a fight.

The Counter 8/21

Many cities capped commission fees during the Covid-19 pandemic. As they consider making the emergency rules permanent, Grubhub and Seamless are fighting back.

On the Side

Outdoor Dining Is a Hit, but Restaurants Face ‘Apocalyptic’ Times

The New York Times 8/23

Nearly 10,000 restaurants have set up outdoor seating in New York City. They are struggling to stay alive until indoor dining returns.

Buckhorn Steakhouse in Winters offers free meals to those affected by fires

The Sacramento Bee 8/22

Buckhorn Steakhouse in Winters is offering free meals to anyone affected by the series of fires in the area.

In the Midst of a Pandemic, Black Restaurant Week Is More Crucial Than Ever

Eater, San Francisco 8/21

As restaurants struggle to stay afloat, the event seeks to support the industry’s most vulnerable businesses.

With federal assistance on hold, grass-roots programs pose a stopgap for restaurants

Restaurant Business 8/21

The grants or loans may be in the thousands rather than millions, and are usually contingent on geography. But potential aid is or will soon be there.

Reeling From Virus and Heat Wave, Outdoor Restaurants Grapple With Smoke Hazard

CBS, SF Bay Area 8/21

Restaurants have been struggling to get by in these extraordinarily challenging times. After dealing with the recent blistering heat wave, businesses are now taking yet another hit.

James Beard nominees say they support the decision to cancel the awards

Restaurant Business 8/21

Past winners and 2020 nominees acknowledge the industry’s challenges this year in supporting a two-year postponement.

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