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The Daily Prep List 08.23.2022

Serving up the latest restaurant industry news.


Why Restaurants Must Prioritize the Employee Experience

QSR Magazine 8/22

Restaurants continue to struggle with recruiting and retaining frontline workers amid nationwide staffing shortages.

With the Old Guidelines this Scrambled, What’s Next for Tipping?

Restaurant Business 8/22

A short time back, I had a leaky kitchen faucet. So as you might expect, Peter, I called for help–in this case a competent plumbing pro I’d used in the past.

Food Industry Policy

California Could be the Spoiler on Federal Legislation Restaurants Actually Want

Restaurant Business Staff 8/22

California is once again complicating the political realities facing restaurant companies nationwide, but this time by serving as spoiler on a type of legislation the business community had hoped to push into law.

Bill Has Franchise Owners Furious

Los Angeles Business Journal 8/22

A bill making its way through the California legislature has upset the owners of fast-food restaurants.

On the Side

Restaurant run by robots to open in SF; plans nationwide expansion

CSA 8/22

It’s not a restaurant in the traditional sense — and it certainly doesn’t look like one.

17 Fun Things to Do in San Francisco This Fall

Thrillest 8/22

This summer was bizarrely sunny in SF, making our rooftop bars, pristine beaches, and lush restaurant patios all the more appealing.

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