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The Daily Prep List: 08.19.20


Uber and Lyft Consider Franchise-Like Model in California

The New York Times 8/18

Under pressure to classify their freelance drivers as employees, the ride-hailing companies are discussing another option.

Food Industry Policy

Can Restaurants Get Sued for Requiring Face Masks?

Vice 8/19

An incident involving a Republican senator who threatened to sue over a restaurant’s mask mandate raises questions about who’s legally in the right.

Food pop-ups are taking over the Bay Area — but they’re technically illegal

SF Gate 8/18

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably noticed a new phenomenon hitting your neighborhood or Instagram feed. Pop-ups. Are. Everywhere.

On the Side

Bowing to customer demand, Palo Alto’s MacArthur Park reopens for takeout

The Mercury News 8/18

Fans of the barbecue and other American comfort food at Palo Alto’s historic MacArthur Park restaurant have convinced the owners to reverse their plan to shut down until indoor dining resumes.

Mask Etiquette Tips for Dining During the Pandemic

Eater, San Francisco 8/18

In San Francisco in the year 2020, if you want to sit down and eat outside a restaurant, this we all know to be true: you need to wear a mask. Both the state and city health departments say that it’s mandatory.

Oakland Dive Bar Hounded by Delivery Drivers From Apps It Never Signed Up to Use

Eater, San Francisco 8/18

Eli’s Mile High Club was flooded with calls and visits from delivery drivers with orders for dishes that haven’t been on the menu for years.

How a revamp helped Waitr make a profit

Restaurant Business 8/18

“Quasi-draconian” changes helped rescue the third-party delivery company from bankruptcy—and turn it into a potential acquisition target, says new CEO Carl Grimstad.

Hotels are headed for an historic level of foreclosures, lodging group warns

Restaurant Business 8/18

Nearly one out of four mortgage-backed hotel loans are delinquent, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Best new takeout dishes in San Francisco and the Bay Area to try right now

San Francisco Chronicle 8/18

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, which has disrupted so many lives, new restaurants are opening. Dreams can’t be deferred for too long, it seems.

McDonald’s U.S. Human Resources Leader Leaves Brand

QSR Magazine August 2020

Two months after being promoted to McDonald’s U.S. chief people officer, Melanie Steinbach has left the company, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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