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The Daily Prep List: 08.11.20


Restaurant customers frown on automatic gratuities

Washington State University 8/10

Automatic gratuities leave restaurant patrons with a bad taste, even when the meal and the service were excellent, new research from Washington State University indicates.

California can’t pay for Trump’s jobless benefits, Newsom says. ‘No money sitting in the piggy bank’

San Francisco Chronicle 8/10

Gov. Gavin Newsom says California cannot pay its share of President Trump’s proposed plan to offer a $400 expanded weekly unemployment benefit to millions of people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Food Industry Policy

Sonoma County Institutes Mask Law Fines for ‘Straight-up Jerks’

Eater, San Francisco 8/10

Sonoma County just joined the growing list of Bay Area counties that will fine restaurants that fail to enforce laws that require customers to keep their faces covered when not actively eating — and so far, the area is also the region’s most prolific ticketer.

On the Side

Confirming Our Fears About Restaurant Closures

Eater 8/10

Every independent restaurant closure, known or not, is a tragedy for the workers and owners and community members who loved it. But it seems like a growing list of name-brand places — Trois Mec, Broken Spanish, Augustine, Le Sia — and old-timers — 40 year-old dives and bakeries and gay bars and diners — threw in the towel alongside struggling newcomers in July.

The state of sustainability during COVID-19 in the food industry

Smart Brief 8/10

As more consumers have shown concern for the environmental footprint of their food in recent years, businesses have taken notice. 

‘No table is a forcefield against coronavirus’: why outdoor dining in SF might fail

SF Gate 8/10

Running a restaurant in San Francisco has never been harder than right now. As the industry adapts to the coronavirus pandemic by pivoting to takeout and evolving into sidewalk cafes, there are a lot of rules to follow to ensure the safety of staff and diners.

For Restaurants Trying To Ditch Delivery Apps, The Struggle Is Real

LAist 8/10

For more than 60 years, Casa Vega, an old school Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, had never bothered with delivery. It didn’t need to. “We were always very busy,” says owner Christy Vega, whose grandparents started the business when they immigrated to Los Angeles from Tijuana in the late 1930s.

Critic’s Notebook: Why I’m rating restaurants for their COVID-19 response

The Orange County Register 8/10

Critic Brad A. Johnson says OC restaurants lag behind those in other counties when it comes to coronavirus safety compliance, so he’s created a new ratings system to help people make better decisions about where to eat during the pandemic.

Buffalo Wild Wings Taps Target Exec as New CMO

FSR Magazine August 2020

Buffalo Wild Wings announced Monday that Target executive Rita Patel will be its new chief marketing officer. 

How Restaurants Can Tackle COVID’s New Insurance Challenges

QSR Magazine August 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic began, many brands found themselves facing unforeseen liabilities. Here’s how to protect against that in the future.

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