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The Daily Prep List: 08.07.20


Report: 80 Percent of Restaurant Jobs Could be Taken Over by Robots

The Spoon 8/6

More than 80 percent of restaurant jobs, including cooking, serving and prepping, could be potentially be taken over by automation, according to restaurant consulting firm Aaron Allen & Associates.

California considers worker notification for virus exposure

ABC 10, 8/6

A bill moving through the state Legislature would require companies to notify workers within 24 hours of them learning an employee has been exposed to the virus.

Unemployment filings ease in US and California, but newly jobless could see lower payments

San Francisco Chronicle 8/6

Nearly 1.2 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, the 20th consecutive week in which new filings topped a million as a pandemic-battered economy continued to struggle to find its footing.

Food Industry Policy

Faced with dying Californians and withering businesses, Gov. Newsom steers a middle path. Can it last?

CALmatters 8/6

As coronavirus infections and deaths rise dramatically, the Democratic governor navigates pressure to both tighten restrictions and ease up on businesses.

The HEALS Act Could Leave Thousands of Restaurants in the Dark

QSR Magazine 8/6 

While a potential second stimulus package remains in flux, there is concern brewing for restaurants. One of the main levers for operators is another round of the Paycheck Protection Program. 

On the Side

Bay Area’s intimate sushi restaurants are betting on plexiglass for future omakases

San Francisco Chronicle 8/7

While his Oakland omakase-style restaurant, Delage, sits empty, owner Chikara Ono spent $7,000 to build transparent acrylic barriers around the sushi bar.

Then the pandemic hit. New restaurants change plans but not dreams

Los Angeles Times 8/6

For 10 years, Shoshanah Abraham whipped up her famous buttercream frosted cake for weddings and corporate events, creating a business from her home kitchen one teaspoon at a time. With business outgrowing her home, the 34-year-old decided to open her own bakery in Long Beach, Getting Caked.

SF restaurant turns to dome dining amid growing homelessness on streets

San Francisco Chronicle 8/6

For struggling San Francisco restaurants, adding outdoor dining means facing a variety of elements on the city’s streets — including a homelessness crisis that’s worsened during the pandemic. 

Five Things Every Restaurant Can Do to Boost Profits While Reopening

Modern Restaurant Management 8/6

If running a restaurant wasn’t already expensive, running one under new distancing regulations means less capacity and investment in safety infrastructure that will take a toll on costs. 

Millennials are Moving to a House Near You – Get Moving to Greet Them

Modern Restaurant Management 8/6

When you own a restaurant, you’re often considering and painstakingly planning new entrees to add to the menu, but are you spending the same amount of energy thinking about the new customers who may soon be ordering from it? 

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