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The Daily Prep List: 07.28.20


Ted Cruz Opines That Waiters Would Rather Collect Unemployment Than Work Amid Deadly Pandemic

Eater 7/27

With the coronavirus stimulus package’s extra $600 weekly unemployment payments set to expire at the end of this month, lawmakers are locked in a largely bipartisan conflict over whether to extend the $600/week checks during the worst unemployment crisis in modern history, or to reduce the amount of additional aid as a way to get people to return to work.

Food Industry Policy

Independent Restaurant Owners Want $120 Billion To Get Them Through COVID. Where’s The Accountability To Workers And Taxpayers?

Forbes 7/27

This week, 20 governors from across the country pledged to create a job training network aimed at helping the nation’s workers uplevel their ability to better succeed in a post-pandemic world. The impetus: to get low-skilled workers out of the service industry.

San Francisco’s New Mask Law Calls Out Bar Patrons and Outdoor Diners

Eater, San Francisco 7/27

San Francisco announced new, stricter laws for face covering use Friday, with an eye toward people drinking or dining outdoors.

What the New $1 Trillion HEALS Act Might Offer

QSR Magazine July 2020

On Monday, GOP leadership in the Senate introduced a $1 trillion stimulus package—labeled the HEALS Act—that would deliver more checks to citizens, several tweaks to the Paycheck Protection Program, and cut enhanced unemployment benefits by $400.

On the Side

Why some local restaurants can’t stand delivery apps — and which deliver on their own

The Sacramento Bee 7/28

Third-party delivery apps have become vital for many Sacramento-area customers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. They’re also driving some local restaurateurs crazy, particular those who never agreed to be boxed in.

Andytown Coffee Temporarily Closes all Locations After COVID-19 Case

Eater, San Francisco 7/27

Andytown Coffee Roasters, the San Francisco mini-chain of coffee shops in the Outer Sunset and SoMa known for house-roasted coffee, Irish scones, and a bubbly espresso drink called the Snowy Plover, has temporarily closed all its locations after a former employee tested positive for COVID-19. 

Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and other fast-food giants quietly raise menu prices for delivery orders by more than 15%

Business Insider 7/27

As food delivery sales explode, customers may find themselves paying more than a $1 extra for something like a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich — before paying delivery fees or tipping a driver. 

Covid-19 forces LA Michelin Star restaurant Trois Mec to close

CNN 7/27

Trois Mec, which earned a Michelin Star in 2019, is the latest Los Angeles restaurant to throw in the white napkin after the pandemic destroyed its profits.

The F&W Pro Guide to Reopening Restaurants

Food & Wine July 2020

If you’re a restaurant operator or manager, you’ve already been making dozens of calculated decisions during the pandemic to keep your business afloat and your staff and customers safe. We created this guide to help you navigate and plan for the months ahead.

Are Restaurants Getting an Unfair Shake with COVID Spikes?

QSR Magazine July 2020

The National Restaurant Association wants to set the record straight. In recent weeks and months, it explained Monday in a letter to the National Governors Association and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, inaccurate information has dotted media coverage, social conversations, and statements from some public officials. The prevailing theme: Restaurants are not doing their part to slow COVID-19.

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