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The Daily Prep List: 07.23.21


Domino’s Balances Menu Pricing and Value Amid Labor Shortage

QSR Magazine 7/22

Domino’s CEO Ritch Allison isn’t pleased margins increased 140 basis points to 24.5 percent at company-run stores in the second quarter. That’s because he knows the reality. Domino’s operated with fewer employees than it would like to have in many stores across the country.

New studies blame tipping and service with a smile for stoking sexual harassment

Restaurant Business 7/22

New research has tied the high incidence of sexual harassment within the restaurant industry to a combination of two long-standing traditions of the business: Encouraging employees to smile, and having servers depend on tips for a big portion of their compensation.

Food Industry Policy

Why restaurants requiring vaccination proof could be key to increasing Bay Area vaccination rates

San Francisco Chronicle 7/22

For vaccinated individuals, patronizing restaurants where everyone is vaccinated can have additional health and psychological benefits, by greatly decreasing the risk of breakthrough infections.

Even the vaccinated must take precautions as L.A. coronavirus surge worsens, officials say

Los Angeles Times 7/22

With coronavirus cases reaching levels in Los Angeles County not seen since the waning days of the winter surge, public health officials said Thursday that even those who have been vaccinated should take precautions, given how widely the virus is now circulating.

On the Side

Franchising in a (Nearly) Post-Pandemic World

QSR Magazine 7/21

The past year has been challenging for the restaurant industry. As COVID-19 raged across the country, many restaurants were forced to close for public safety. Some never reopened.  Many of the restaurants looking to grow through franchising put those growth plans on hold due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

How Drive-Thrus Can Boost Sales Post-Pandemic

QSR Magazine 7/21

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, it sparked a major change in the restaurant industry: an increased focus on takeout options. Even as the world enters the recovery phase of the pandemic, several experts agree that this sudden shift to the emerging on-the-go lifestyle isn’t going anywhere.

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