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The Daily Prep List: 07.23.20


Tipped Minimum Wages Perpetuate Racial and Gender Disparity, New Report Finds

Eater, New York 7/22

There’s more evidence that tipped minimum wages — the practice by which restaurant workers can be paid less than state or federal minimum wages as a result of also receiving tips — can lead to greater racial and gender pay disparity, a new report finds.

Food Industry Policy

Can Restaurants Survive Shutting Down Again?

Eater 7/22

Closing dining rooms once cost a lot of money, but closing twice could be even worse.

‘Another Punch in the Face’: LA Restaurant Operators Struggle to Survive as Second Lockdown Looms

Eater, Los Angeles 7/22

The current coronavirus pandemic has made a significant rebound in California, and especially in Los Angeles County, which is now considered one of the epicenters in the United States. 

California cracks down on restaurants, bars not following COVID-19 restrictions

KCRA 3, 7/22

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, or ABC, is actively issuing citations to restaurants and bars that are not following state novel coronavirus public health orders.

On the Side

When restaurants suffer, others feel the pain too

Los Angeles Times 7/22

Restaurants helped revive the U.S. economy after the Great Recession of 2007-09. This time? Don’t count on it.

Restaurants expand grocery offerings to e-commerce sites

Restaurant Business 7/22

When restaurants were forced to close dine-in operations at the start of the coronavirus crisis, a number converted their spaces into grocery stores. Since supermarkets were deemed essential businesses, a storefront selling food and other staples for housebound consumers fell under the same umbrella.

How a Russian company will bring cell-based chicken to KFC

Food Dive 7/22

A Russian bioprinting company is bringing an idea tested in the stars back down to Earth — and potentially to consumer plates in coming years.

In June, restaurant sales hit a pandemic high, but they’re still far below normal

Restaurant Business 7/22

Eating and drinking places registered sales of $47.4 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis in June, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That represented the second consecutive monthly sales gain, after falling to a low of $30 billion in April. 

Michelin Star Restaurant Petit Crenn Closes Doors To Serve Needy In San Francisco

CBS SF Bay Area 7/21

When it comes to serving the community, there’s nothing like a team that produces 300 meals a day, led by a world-renowned, three-star Michelin chef.

Yelp: Nearly 16,000 Restaurants Have Permanently Closed Due to COVID

QSR Magazine July 2020

Restaurants have surged to the top of the closure picture, surpassing retail in recent weeks.

Rent Negotiation Strategies for Restaurants During the Pandemic

QSR Magazine July 2020

Quick-service restaurant leases are predicated upon the restaurant doing a certain amount of volume and revenue. 

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