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The Daily Prep List: 07.22.20


The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Decimated the Restaurant Industry. Here’s How Workers Can Return to a Fairer Workplace

Time 7/21

One of us is a restaurant worker advocate, and the other a restaurateur and employer. To say we were adversaries might be too extreme, but it’s true that we have not always been allies.

The No-Tipping Era Is Officially Done

Grub Street 7/21

Hospitality no longer included. When Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants reopen for outdoor dining, they’ll do so with a major change to service: tipping. 

Did An Employee Or Independent Contractor Just Deliver Dinner?

Forbes 7/21

Food delivery companies rely on independent contractors instead of employees, but the risks of doing so are increasing on several fronts.

How Should Restaurants Handle COVID-19 Testing for Employees?

QSR Magazine July 2020

COVID-19 has been a topic front and center for so many restaurant operators throughout the U.S. It seems like only a couple of months ago the question was how we would be able to pay our bills and stay open.

Food Industry Policy

Gov. Newsom’s Alcohol Agency Issues Edict Declaring What a Bar ‘Meal’ Is

California Globe 7/21

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s last lockdown order included closing bars unless they serve food. However, what constitutes “food” is no longer open to interpretation.

Restaurant spurs uproar and risks being closed down for defying virus orders

Los Angeles Times 7/21

A Northern California restaurant has caused an uproar by dismissing county orders to practice COVID-19 safety protocols.

San Jose’s first street closure to accommodate outdoor dining

The Mercury News 7/21

San Jose is joining the many cities shutting down streets to allow restaurants to expand their alfresco dining options during the coronavirus era.

On the Side

The strong demand for takeout and delivery presents packaging challenges

Restaurant Business 7/21

In a matter of days this past March, operators had to switch to takeout and delivery exclusively to bring in any revenue from foodservice sales. While not every restaurateur or outlet opted for that route, the number that did kept rising as the pandemic dragged on.

DoorDash launches ‘Without Restaurants’ campaign to help ailing eateries

Restaurant Dive 7/21

DoorDash today is launching a campaign to urge people to support independent restaurants that are suffering financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Don’t Give Up on the Restaurant Recovery Just Yet

FSR Magazine July 2020

These figures paint a complicated and uneven landscape. If COVID-19 has been consistent in anything, it’s a lack of uniformity.

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