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The Daily Prep List: 07.21.21


Extreme heat is killing American workers

Vox 7/21

It’s clear that extreme heat is a hazard to lives and livelihoods, even indoors, but job sites have haphazard rules, if any, to deal with it. That’s due in part to the fact that there is no national workplace safety standard for heat. States like California, Minnesota, and Washington do have heat some regulations in place, but advocates say they are not enough to limit the growing dangers.

Why one of San Francisco’s busiest restaurants is closed for a ‘mental health break’

San Francisco Chronicle 7/20

Restaurant owners across the country have been struggling to hire workers amid a labor shortage, and the Morris is no different. The Portrero Flats restaurant, known for its wine list, high-quality service and whole smoked duck, is understaffed, and the employees who are there are overworked.

Food Industry Policy

Are Mask Mandates Back on the Table for Restaurants?

FSR Magazine 7/21

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in almost every state, it’s fair to wonder if recently lifted restrictions and mandates will be reintroduced. Specifically, what about masks? 

Six more California counties ask people to wear masks indoors as Delta variant rages

Los Angeles Times 7/20

Six more California counties are urging residents to wear masks in indoor public settings amid concerning upticks in coronavirus cases and continued circulation of the highly contagious Delta variant.

On the Side

Yelp: New Restaurants Continue to Open at Rapid Pace

FSR Magazine 7/21

Nearly 20,000 restaurants and food businesses opened in the second quarter, according to Yelp data, a sign that confidence is growing among industry operators.

Taco Bell is facing a food shortage

CNN 7/20

Taco Bell is warning that some of customers’ favorite items might not be available. The chain apologized on its website Tuesday, saying that because of “national ingredient shortages and delivery delays” that Taco Bell locations might be out of some options.

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