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The Daily Prep List: 07.20.21


How Restaurant Owners Can Encourage People to Apply for Jobs

FSR Magazine 7/19

While the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be finally coming to an end, challenges remain for restaurant owners. As restrictions lift and business resurges, many restaurants are finding it difficult to attract workers again. The industry now faces a hiring crisis, hindering its ability to keep up with swelling demand.

‘Stressed out’: As the available pool of workers remains low, restaurants keep laboring to stay afloat

Lookout Santa Cruz 7/19

A month after California’s grand June 15 re-opening, help wanted signs seemingly outnumber available workers. Local businesses continue to see a surge of patrons, yet with the workforce missing in action — either still collecting unemployment or having moved on — owners are left scrambling, many forced to reduce their hours of operation.

Food Industry Policy

Is indoor dining still OK under new mask guidance? Here’s what Bay Area health experts say

San Francisco Chronicle 7/19

With the delta variant prompting several Bay Area health officials to recommend everyone once again wear masks indoors, many people may be wondering if indoor dining is still a wise idea — even if they are vaccinated.

Ban on plastics use at beaches and parks in Laguna Beach is now in effect

The Orange County Register 7/19

A ban on single-use plastic containers and straws in Laguna Beach parks and on its beaches and trails went into effect last week, as city officials hope to curb pollution made worse by the thousands of people who visit the seaside town daily during the summer and rest of the year.

On the Side

Bay Area Reopens: Food Halls Catch On With Diners, Restaurant Owners

CBS SF Bay Area 7/19

After being hard-hit by the pandemic, a growing trend in the Bay Area dining scene is the popularity of food halls, which offer multiple food options for customers at lower costs for restaurant owners.

These Restaurateurs Want Everyone in America Eating Indian Food

The New York Times 7/19

A number of restaurants, like Ghee Indian Kitchen in Miami and Besharam in San Francisco, have won followings for their focus on regional Indian cuisine. But few have done so at the scale that Mr. Mazumdar and Mr. Pandya are aspiring toward.

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