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The Daily Prep List: 07.13.20


Biden says he’ll kill the tip credit, hike minimum wage to $15

Restaurant Business 7/10

The Democratic presidential candidate’s position on pay is one of the policy stances he spells out in his plan for the country. Here are some of the pledges that could pertain to restaurants.

As restaurants reopen, workers step up fight to end tipped minimum wage

Salon 7/11

Most people who live paycheck to paycheck can still usually plan in two-week increments, but Sarah May-Seward plans “shift to shift.”

Food Industry Policy

State orders Placer County to close many indoor businesses as coronavirus cases surge

The Sacramento Bee 7/12

Placer County, having been included on the state of California’s coronavirus watchlist for more than three days, was ordered by the California Department of Public Health to limit its economy once again, as many other nearby county have already done.

Alameda County regresses, will no longer allow outdoor dining

San Francisco Chronicle 7/11

Outdoor dining will not be allowed after all in Alameda County after county health officials were informed that state regulators were not relaxing the dining rules for so-called “non-variance counties.”

Bay Area restaurant cited for employees not wearing masks

SF Gate 7/11

On Wednesday, two Alcohol Beverage Control officers visited Loft Wine Bar and Restaurant in Benicia to see if they were complying with statewide COVID-19 safety guidelines after a community complaint, according to KRON4. What they found were employees (and the owner) without masks — so they wrote the restaurant a citation.

Berkeley caps delivery commission fees at 15% as pressure on apps heats up

San Francisco Chronicle 7/10

Berkeley has joined a growing list of cities across Northern California, including San Francisco, to shield local restaurants from high commission fees charged by third-party food delivery apps.

On the Side

The Sustainable Restaurant Needs Big Chains Right Now

The Spoon 7/12

A worrying point that comes up a lot in conversation these days is that sustainability has taken something of a backseat while food businesses scramble to fight the pandemic.

Restaurant Robots Used to Be About Labor, Now They’re About Hygiene

The Spoon 7/10

With so many restaurants closed, and record amounts of unemployment, restaurants are less worried about hiring people, and more interested in how robots can create a more hygienic experience for diners (and workers).

Bloomin’ Brands Offers More Than Just Sizzle

Forbes 7/10

I recently highlighted two separate restaurant operators poised to excel during the widely-expected economic recovery. This week I’ve identified a third.

Uber-Postmates merger will deliver only bad tidings for restaurants, consumers

The Washington Post 7/9

The $2.65 billion deal, like previous high-tech mergers, will stifle innovation and competition, not enhance it.

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