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The Daily Prep List 07.12.2022

Serving up the latest restaurant industry news.


Dodger Stadium concession workers authorize strike ahead of All-Star Game

Washington Post 7/12

Concession workers at Dodger Stadium voted Sunday to authorize a strike that could begin just before Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game festivities.

New Restaurant Workers Union at Genwa Could Transform Labor Rights in LA

Eater LA 7/11

Food worker unionization is on the rise, and Los Angeles workers made substantial progress that could impact restaurants here and beyond. 

Food Industry Policy

Inflation Is Hiding in Your Receipts: How to Spot Shifty Fees on Your Bill

CNET 7/11

Prices for food, fuel and other everyday essentials are on the rise. That’s all plain to see, but what about all the hidden costs that are added to your purchase before checkout or tacked on to the receipt without warning? 

SLO parklets are officially here to stay. What are the city’s new rules for outdoor dining?

The Tribune 7/11

Ask anybody how they feel about parklets, and you’re likely to get an impassioned answer. Supporters of the outdoor structures, which began popping up in cities across the United States during the coronavirus pandemic, appreciate the opportunity to eat outside in beautiful weather.

On the Side

Eat like a local — have a California roll, a French dip and a Moscow mule, all invented in L.A.

Los Angeles Times 7/12

Now here’s a new spin on “eating local” for you. Supposing you were to pack a picnic for the Hollywood Bowl with exclusively created-in-L.A. foods. What would be on your menu?

Starbucks Closing Some Stores, Citing Safety Concerns in Certain Cafes

Wall Street Journal 7/11

Coffee chain said it is permanently closing 16 cafes after workers reported drug use by members of the public and crime concerns.

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