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The Daily Prep List 07.07.2022

Serving up the latest restaurant industry news.


As costs rise, is an $18 minimum wage the new standard for pay debates?

HR Dive 7/5

Beginning in 2028, workers in Hawaii must be paid at least $18 per hour. Nationwide, however, total compensation is likely to increase moving forward.

Can restaurant design improve employee retention?

NRN 7/5

As restaurants continue to deal with the staffing fallout from the Great Resignation, a renewed focus on employee culture and wellbeing is being seen across the country. But while many restaurant owners assume that higher wages and paid sick leave will decrease turnover, many are overlooking the role that restaurant design plays.

Food Industry Policy

How Are We Possibly Still Disinfecting Things?

The Atlantic 7/7

While visibility is keeping hygiene theater alive, perhaps it will also be its downfall. Those who understand how ridiculous hygiene theater is may get into the habit of using it as a barometer for outdated standards.

How new California law is ‘putting the industry on notice’

Resource Recycling 7/6

Industry leaders mostly expressed support for California’s recently signed extended producer responsibility bill, though some said they still had concerns about its far reach.

On the Side

The Bay Area’s Korean food scene is better than ever. These 6 dishes are worth seeking out

San Francisco Chronicle 7/7

The Bay Area has seen a new spate of Korean restaurants recently, with some hoping to introduce a modern touch to the scene and others leaning hard into hyper-specific niches.

Chipotle’s $50 million search for the future of fast food

CNBC 7/7

The lengthy lunchtime lines at Chipotle Mexican Grill waiting to order could serve as a good metaphor for Chipotle’s approach to investing in innovation: though you may have to wait a bit for results, the taco and burrito brand is fostering technology from all over the world that’s going to change the way restaurants run and customers think about food.

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