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The Daily Prep List: 07.06.21


FAST Act (AB-257) Narrowly Defeated

JD Supra 7/1

On June 3, 2021, AB-257, the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act (the “FAST Act”) was defeated in the California Assembly, coming up three votes short of the 41 votes needed. 

A restaurant owner says raising wages to $15 would solve her labor shortage — but she’d have to hike menu prices. Instead, she’s turning to automated drive-thrus.

Business Insider 7/5

A fast-food franchisee says she’s turning to automated drive-thrus to solve her labor shortage, rather than offering a $15 hourly wage to attract new staff.

Food Industry Policy

Commercial Kitchens Not Ready To Forsake Gas, But Can Profitably Cut Carbon

Forbes 7/4

Full electrification remains out of reach for most in the food-service industry, an industry expert said last week, but tons of carbon emissions could be prevented immediately by adopting high-efficiency gas equipment.

Editorial: Thoughtful discussion on the future of parklets 

Paso Robles Daily News 7/2

All across the state and the country, diners and sippers have enjoyed the chance to gather outdoors.

On the Side

How Being a ‘People Business’ Helped Wendy’s Navigate COVID

QSR Magazine 7/2

As the restaurant industry rides up the recovery wave, a delta remains between pent-up demand and the ability for brands to cash in. 

Red Lobster Hires Kelli Valade as CEO

FSR Magazine 7/1

Red Lobster revealed Thursday that Black Box Intelligence leader Kelli Valade will serve as its next CEO.

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