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The Daily Prep List: 07.01.21


How to Address Today’s Severe Restaurant Staffing Challenge

QSR Magazine 7/1

Unable to reimplement pre-COVID-19 operating hours, restaurants must rethink, retool, and revitalize how to attract and retain employees.

Labor Advocates Use West Coast Heat To Press For More Say On Fast-Food Pay

Restaurant Business 6/29

The bill, called the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, would establish an 11-person Fast Food Sector Council to set and review workplace standards in the state’s quick-service market.

Food Industry Policy

East Bay diners may remain unmasked, for now

Berkeleyside 6/30

If recent headlines have you wondering if you’ll need to tighten your mask protocols when dining indoors, the answer (for now) is no.

Los Angeles Wants All Restaurant Customers And Staffs To Mask Up Again

Restaurant Business 6/29

Authorities say they’re trying to tamp down the spread of the Delta coronavirus before it morphs into a vaccine-resistant form.

On the Side

Is Food Inflation Real?

AG Web 6/30

Food prices for consumers are higher. Wholesale costs for restaurants are higher. Is inflation a real or transitory issue for agriculture and food?

Expanding To-Go Beverage Service Permanently: What to Know

FSR Magazine 6/29

After COVID-19 changed the world, stay at home orders and safety precautions decimated the restaurant industry. Governors across almost all 50 states, including Florida, issued emergency executive orders changing the status-quo of the treatment of “to-go beverages.”

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