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The Daily Prep List: 06.30.21


The Pandemic Really Did Change How We Tip

The Atlantic 6/29

Some essential workers have been compensated for pandemic risks with bonuses or higher wages. In restaurants, all they really got was better tips.

Worker Shortages Impacting Businesses Across Southland And Nationwide

CBS LA 6/28

Business owners are trying to recruit employees as some workers have decided they will not work until wages are higher.

Food Industry Policy

The Real Reason Guy Fieri Is Furious With Congress

Mashed 6/28

Fieri believes that if restaurants had better representation in Congress, workers wouldn’t need to rely on outside charities in order to stay afloat during extended disasters (via Insider) and fears that more closures are coming. 

Service industry wage discrepancies causing labor shortage in California restaurants

 Capitol Public Radio 6/22

As a result, restaurants find that they have to cut operating hours or leave tables open. Jot Condie of the California Restaurant Association calls it a “full-blown crisis.”

On the Side

LA Mayor Agrees to Keep Outdoor Dining Spaces for at Least a Year

Eater LA 6/29

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has just signed an emergency ordinance for the city, extending several COVID-19-related measures meant to continue to support restaurants and bars throughout the ongoing pandemic.

Something was fishy about California farm’s fancy “local” caviar: It didn’t come from where Passmore farm claimed.

The Counter 6/29

Social media and former employees have disclosed that, despite the glossy pictures of Passmore do-it-yourselfing in ponds, his business has been trucking in fish from wholesalers and passing it off to chefs and buyers as Passmore’s unique, homegrown offering. Caviar hasn’t been produced at the farm since 2017—unless you count the repackaging of the imports from Bulgaria as production.

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